6 Things Business Owners Can Do Themselves to Promote Their Business Online

It’s 2018. The days of potential customers wandering down the main street or flipping through a local business guide in hopes of stumbling upon your business are long gone.

This is the age of the internet. When someone wants to buy a product or service, they simply go online to find the right business, communicate with them and proceed.

According to Internet Live Stats, 85% of people in Australia have an internet access. The annual growth rate of the online market is 6% according to the 2017 data of NAB. This clearly explains why international players have been eager to enter the Australian e-commerce industry.

It is simple – there is a lot of room for growth here, the market is ready to boom.

Significant Transition in Buying Behaviour of Australians

When we talk about 2015, less than 10% of Australians used a smartphone to make their online purchase. Fast forward to 2017, one in five online purchases has been made from a mobile device. That’s a significant proportion.

So, what are Australians majorly attracted to when it comes to online shopping?

As per the report of Australia Post, in 2017, the top three products bought online were consumer electronics, clothing and books. The other market segments that the consumers touched largely are:

  • Variety Stores
  • Fashion
  • Health and Beauty
  • Homewares and Appliances
  • Hobbies and Recreational Goods
  • Media (Books Purchases)
  • Specialty Food and Liquor

It is predicted that by 2022, 60% of the total revenue of the marketers and business owners will be generated through mobile devices, according to the latest Digital Market Outlook report by Statista.

So, Does Your Business Have a Strong Online Presence?

Undeniably, being visible online is the future of business growth.

With the NAB Online Retail Index Report 2017, all the businesses are compelled to focus more on their online presence. The report says that in the past one year, online shopping has increased by almost 10% in Australia as compared to in-store foot traffic that shows an increase of only 3%.

But, whether you are an e-commerce store or a brick & mortar store – it’s important to be online. Why? Because consumers are consistently turning to search engines to find nearby products and services they need. Therefore, it has become imperative for you, as a business to invest in boosting your online presence.

Getting noticed as a local business can be hard, but not impossible. So how do you ensure that all your potential consumers get directed towards your business?

How to Boost Your Business Online, Yourself?

Concerned about having limited funds and limited knowledge of SEO? Never make the mistake of hiring a low-quality service in an effort to save funds. Instead, opt for DIY!

While there is no concrete, ready-made SEO solution, boosting the presence of your local business can be done in many ways.

For a start, it is always a good idea to know about SEO strategies. It will help you stay in tune with your search engine activity, ensuring that the content produced is helping your business succeed online.

Legit Ways to Drive Your Online Business Presence

#1 Build a high-quality website or improve your existing one

Your website is the mirror of your business. The design, layout and data must be curated in a way that the potential buyer not only visits but spends quality time on your website. Making it mobile responsive and search-engine friendly will help you experience a greater conversion rate.

Optimising your website may sound obvious to you, but a lot of business owners aren’t properly optimising it. Ensure that your domain name, meta tags, page titles, keywords and other small yet important aspects are being looked after perfectly.

Audit your existing content regularly. You can do this by checking each URL, including graphics on your page, optimising your landing page for conversions and adding social media share buttons.

#2 Improve your search engine visibility by using Google My Business

Google My Business is a free application that allows you to manage and update your business information on Google. This is important as Google decides the ranking of a business on the basis of information available. A business can have a better rank only if it provides a better user experience.

Do not limit your reach; rather upgrade it with filling important details like your address, contact details, working hours and business categories.

Once you create a Google My Business Listing, your business will appear on Google Maps. Moreover, as it comes in the form of customer reviews, overlooking it won’t help the cause. After all, reviews have become the first resort of any consumer to get an idea about the products and services of the business.

#3 Get listed in local directories

This is another key aspect of enhancing your online presence. Simply put, aim to list your business in any directory you can. Yelp, True Local, Yellow Pages and Local Business Guide are few to name here. Being well-known and largely used by the people, these websites are trusted by Google. Adding your business to the list means people who use these directories can easily find you.

Additionally, creating backlinks can also help your business big time. Getting high-quality backlinks from other related sites will help you rank higher on search engines. In short, giving the backlinks on these local directories where you have listed your business will redirect your prospective client to your website.

#4 Create, build and retain your social media presence

social media

Social media is a great platform that allows the businesses to stay connected to their potential customers, industry partners, competitors and the general public. Regardless of what size your business is, having a strong social media presence can help escalate it in a great way.

Create your business profile on a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Stay active and generate engaging content on these pages. Post about special deals, some important information pertaining to your industry or any generic posts related to the festivals, sports or occasions that can connect directly to your consumers. Remember, the more active and engaging you are, the better it is for your SEO.

#5 Create and update your blog regularly

Every unique blog that you publish is found and ranked by the search engine. So, your task lies in creating unique, informative, well formatted and industry-specific content. Over the years, the search algorithms have refined themselves where they now place a higher emphasis on good content instead of other gimmicky strategies.

Updating a blog related to your product, service or industry is also a good way to keep your consumers informed about the latest developments. You can further post it on the different social media accounts for better reach. It becomes a kind of win-win situation, the consumers get what they seek for and you, as a business, get the potential online traffic.

In short, focus on producing enriching blog content and let the search engines will do the rest for you.

#6 Setup and check Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a major role to play. If you are not able to read and process your website’s traffic and conversions, you won’t understand how to do your own SEO. Google Analytics helps you with a number of things:

  • Where your visitors come from?
  • What segment does your customer base belong to?
  • Which campaigns are doing better?
  • How to set and track your goals?
  • Which keywords attract your organic traffic?

It is a great place to start, as the majority of searchers use Google worldwide. It is recommended to spend some time reviewing the dashboard of Google Analytics while studying them.

Analysing the extensive data given here will help you understand your target audience closely while letting you improve your conversion rates as well as reduce your bounce rates. All this together will help you identify and beat your competition.

Final Note

Staying consistent with these simple yet effective DIY tips can help you build a strong online presence over time. After all, they are aimed at driving more online traffic and converting the visitors to loyal customers.

If you still feel reluctant about taking these steps on your own, consider hiring a pro to fast track and streamline this process! eMarket Experts is a leading name in Melbourne’s digital marketing industry.

Our team has the right mix of expertise and experience to boost your business’s online presence. We have a track record of helping businesses rank on page one of Google within 90 days of signing up.

If you have any more tips which you have used and worked for you – please share in the comments section below.

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