10 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Facebook Ad Campaign

So, you are advertising your business through various channels like Facebook or AdWords.

Often business owners complain they carefully target the potential customers, but still don’t get any conversions.

Maybe the ads are fine. Maybe the target area is fine. Then, what’s the issue?

The social network in the first quarter of 2018 announced 6 million advertisers on Facebook. You can very well expect this number shooting up with every passing year. The attractive conversions and customer-relationship are the major reasons why every owner introduces his business to the Facebook market.  Unfortunately, online advertising is just going to get more competitive, which means, you need to be extra cautious about your efforts in getting significant business from your Facebook ad campaigns.

So, if you are stuck somewhere, confused about why your Facebook ads are not giving you higher returns, this blog is for you!

We have figured out a few common Facebook advertising mistakes that businesses make. Are you making any of these? Read on, find out and fix them instantly!

Mistake 1 – You have not set any specific goals for your FB ad campaign

This is obvious. If you don’t have any set goals, how are you going to track your success? Define the metrics clearly. This will help you find whether Facebook ads are working for you or not. And if they are not, what should you focus on.

In case of Facebook, you can track different actions including:

  • New page likes
  • Post engagement
  • Website click-through
  • On-site sales and lead generation

Every business has individual goals, so it is on you to decide what metrics you want to track. For instance, if you are a new brand, your primary goal will be building brand awareness amongst your potential audience. Hence, your initial target must be increasing the number of followers on your Facebook page.

So, keep your goals specific. Evaluate them on a timely basis and take corrective actions to ensure that your money is spent wisely and you are actually getting attractive returns from your Facebook ad campaign.

Mistake 2 – You are not using the ad format correctly

Facebook has so many kinds of ad formats, including video, image, carousel etc. The question is are you using the right ad format for your ad? If you are using Facebook ads for the first time for your business, you may be confused about choosing the right format for your ad campaign. The other reason behind not using the right ad format may be that you have your ads running for a while and have not analysed if you are using the updated format.

Before you post your ad on Facebook, it is recommended to learn in-and-out about how the entire thing works. Facebook comes up with newer updates on ad formats, all the time. If you are not updating yourself with these changes, you are bound to experience a no-success result. Study the platform’s ad types carefully, choose the one you think will complement with your goals as well as your target audience and act according to your campaign performance.

FB ad formats

Mistake 3 – You are not running enough ads

This is a very common mistake. Creating a single version of an ad won’t help here. Even if you are sure about what’s going to work amongst your target audience, it is always safer to test different versions.

It is recommended to come up with 3 different versions of:

  • Headline
  • Copy
  • Image
  • Call to Action

Not only a single version, when you are planning an ad campaign, try to create different ad sets altogether! After all, how will Facebook figure out the winner if you have only one set and one ad in a single campaign?

Try having multiple ads and ad sets for a single ad campaign and A/B test to get the best results.

Mistake 4 – You are not investing in the right target audience

What do you think will work better – a good ad in front of the wrong audience or a mediocre ad in front of the right audience?

Well, getting the right audience will help you increase your conversions. As we all know, Facebook is a home for a diversified audience. Depending on your product or service type, your target group can be smaller, bigger or even completely different from what you must have thought of.

Best is to test out audiences for a start. You can make some wild, yet safe guesses. For instance, people who like Starbucks on Facebook are probably coffee lovers and hence, they might be interested in buying your specialty coffee. Doing so will help you find a niche that directly aligns with your product.

You can also find your right audience by putting yourself in their shoes and asking questions like:

  • What would they search online?
  • What pages will they like on Facebook?
  • What influencers they are likely to follow?
  • What apps will they use?
  • What blogs they will read?

You can further target those pages, blogs, influencers and applications according to the inference you receive from this comprehensive research. Facebook guides you at every step and tells you what your selected audience looks like along with ways to improve it:

facebook target market

Mistake 5 – You are not taking benefit of all the available insights

Facebook Ad Manager offers you a lot of features, especially when it comes to analysing the performance of your campaign. Customise the default columns that you see in your Ad Manager to get additional information. Also, consider adding the following to get a better idea of your ad performance:

  • Click-through rate – It is the percentage of the people who have clicked on your ad.
  • Cost-per-click – It shows how much you are paying for every click on your ad.
  • Website purchases – It reveals the number of purchases made via the ad.
  • Frequency – It states the number of times that an individual has seen an ad on an average.
  • Reach – It shows how many unique people you have reached.
  • Relevance score – It tells you how relevant your ad is to your target audience.
  • Budget – It states the amount of money you have invested daily or in total for your ad campaign.
  • Cost per mille – It shows how much you are paying for 1000 impressions.

Mistake 6 – You are not using a compelling image

When it comes to images, firstly use a correct sized image as it can cause your ad to display strangely if it’s the case otherwise. Remember, a wrong sized image can drop your engagement rates. Hence, it is best to use the image sizes suggested by Facebook.

At the same time, you also need to ensure that the image you are using is compelling enough to attract the target audience. An exclusive graphic is sure to get clicks. Select the images that are appropriate to your business. Even when viewed at a small size, the image must be bright and eye-catching. Try avoiding the ones that have too many details or text.

You also need to ensure your image doesn’t have a lot of text. If the proportion of text to image is too high, your ad may not reach its full audience. Here’s a handy tool from Facebook to check your image to text ratio.

facebook best ad example

Mistake 7 – You are not testing different target segments

Let’s assume; you have a great understanding of your target audience. You have the right customer base on Facebook and your ads are also performing well. But, it would still be a mistake if you don’t even try to test different target audience even though they don’t fit in your target customer list.

It is simple, you will never know until you run the tests to know whether your ads are performing better with the other audiences or not. Try and test the headlines, images and copy with a different set of target audience.

You never know you might end up getting good conversions, ultimately making the most out of your Facebook ad campaign.

Mistake 8 – You don’t have a proper message

It is difficult to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. So, if not this, at least you can consider personalisation when it comes to customer communication. When it is specifically about Facebook ads, never use the same copy for all the customers and for all the reasons. A generic ad copy will get you nowhere. Instead, craft a personalised message in a way that creates an impact on the audience.

Another point of concern is; do not flood your customer’s account with messages. It can saturate them. Users browse Facebook to relax, connect socially and not to see your ads. So, if they start to see your ads too many times, there are high chances of saturation which will ultimately result in diminishing engagement.

So, in the case you think the ad is getting saturated, you can pause the campaign and resume when you really have something exciting and valuable to offer to your audience.

Mistake 9 – You have a poor landing page

Have you ever clicked on a very interesting ad only to find a poorly designed landing page? You’ll probably leave the page at once. When the webpage doesn’t match the expectations set in the ad, you will never receive conversions. So, whenever you create a Facebook ad campaign, ensure that the landing page is as interesting as the ad. You won’t like to lose your target customer just because your landing page was not up to the mark, right?

Mistake 10 – You are not making significant follow-ups

One of the biggest mistakes that the businesses do is NOT do any follow-ups with their leads. Facebook is a great platform to generate local leads. It has an advantage over all the marketing channels because of the targeting. But, your campaign can turn flat if you don’t have a proper nurturing system in place.

Try getting your Facebook leads onto your email list as Facebook can shut down your ad at any time. But as you have your curated unique audience list, you can always follow-up and turn your prospects into the potential buyers. You can further introduce exciting offers to retain them.

Have You Done Any of the Above Mistakes?

If yes, you need to fix them right away. Edit your Facebook ad campaigns for better conversions. And if you feel stuck or lost in the vast marketing land, don’t worry – just ask for some assistance. It always helps.

eMarket Experts is one such name which has helped hundreds of businesses with digital marketing and Facebook ads. From guiding you with copywriting, design, choosing the right channels for the media placement and getting the most out of your ad campaign – they can help you in all aspects.

So, next time you run a Facebook ad campaign, ensure you don’t waste your money. Instead get more conversions and warmer leads from Facebook ads.

All the best!

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