The Easiest Way To Get onto Page 1 Of Google – On-page Optimisation

You’ve got a website that you have spent a lot of money for. Maybe you tried making the website yourself, but most likely, you paid thousands of dollars for a nice looking website. You put up the website and wait for traffic. The problem, the traffic doesn’t come. You decide to start a blog and write some articles to generate some traffic. Again, you wait, but nothing happens. You either give up on the idea altogether, or you decide to look into other ways to generate website traffic. The most beneficial in the long run is to perform on site optimization to get your website ranked in the top of google, yahoo, msn and many others, naturally meaning you will never have to pay for any of that traffic.

Here are just a few of the main on-page optimisation techniques that can help increase exposure and ranking within the search engine results page, including the click-through-rate (CTR).

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Page Titles: A website page title is often considered as the most important on-page factor, with a character limit of roughly 70 characters. When anyone using search engines the first thing he/she will look for is the title, therefore it’s very much important to get right. It’s also necessary to include targeted keywords along with supporting keywords.

H1: Function of the H1 h2 and h3 tags to tell the search engines the priority of each tag. With h1 being the most important. So it’s important to include keywords within the h1 tag that each page is targeting. By using supporting keywords with h2 tags can help increase the relevancy for users within the SERPs.

Meta Description: Meta description tells search engines what is your content about. While you are writing your description you must careful that it must be one or two sentences and it must contain one or two your primary keywords.

Improve the structure of your URL: The structure of the URL also plays a vital role in search engine optimisation. Although on the more technical side of SEO, it’s easy to identify possible mistakes and changes that could help improve a websites URL structure.

Content & Keywords: In,on page optimization, content is your main weapon. Write less, but must be unique. Write a 300-400 word article and include your main keywords in the body of the article. Because users do not like reading long articles. This can help show the search engines that your website is related to specific keywords.

Keyword Density should not exceed 2-5%: Keyword density is no longer required within the body of web pages. Because, when keywords appear too often on a page the search engines can see this as spam.

Now the question at hand is what will a web site optimization service do for me? First, they will typically analyze (free of charge) your current website and give you some immediate pointers and area that you could improve on.

  • Attract more and more visitors to your site by using relevant keywords.
  • Page Title Tags: the first piece of text visitors will read on your website.
  • Unique content on every page of the website.
  • Helps search engines understand what your website is all about.
  • Ensures top rankings for your website in Google, yahoo etc.
  • Most effective ways to make a strong presence over the internet.

Now every business owner has realized that this is one of the logical and practical approaches to create new users but also helps us to make returning users and thus minimizing the bouncing rate on any website. Search engine marketing site optimization is not a one-day process and also the practical techniques do not produce results overnight. If it is done properly, it could be an effective method to generate traffic to your website, making you achieve success through your internet marketing strategy.

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