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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not a new name anymore. The concept has gained a lot of popularity considering the searches people make on the web. With the increasing popularity of smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc, gone are the days of word of mouth publicity. An average citizen of Australia is no more looking for help of his friends, relatives or neighbours to get help for the day-to-day household maintenance requirements. You need a mechanic, google it; you need electrician, google it; you need to buy furniture, google it; these examples are just to name a few. Public has become much more dependent on the search engine results to find the best deals and/or the right person for the job. While, in a way, it is not good for the individual to rely on the search results, it becomes a great opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and local businesses to increase the revenue by targeting SEO.

What is SEO?

In a layman’s language, SEO simply means getting a competitive edge online. For a person who has never experienced the service of a particular company, he/she relies on the reviews provided by others to gain confidence in the product/service. The end experience of the user is what is going to earn repeat business and good publicity, which totally depends on the quality of the service. But what is important is, at least once, a prospect gets attracted to try your service. Appearing in the search results earlier than your competitors is SEO.

 SEO Services

Why SEO?

Going back to the concept of SEO, lets say, you are a mechanic, and I am searching for a mechanic in my area. I am looking for the services close to the place I live, Caulfield, so I would type in search engine (eg. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) – “Mechanic Caulfield“, which is my search parameter – keyword. Here comes a lot of results for a mechanic who would service in Caulfield. As a user, I am not going to spend 3-4 hours looking at all the 436,000 results that appear. A study shows that about 75% of users check results only on the first page, and don’t go past it. So to target those people it becomes very important that you website is displayed in the search results on the earlier pages. Inbound customers cost about 61% less to the company than a company trying to approach them.

Organic SEO vs PPC

Some would argue as to instead of hiring for SEO services, it is easy to go for Pay Per Click (PPC). While it is easy, the number of clicks does not guarantee you business, and with PPC, you pay for every click that a user generates for your website. Here is one more interesting fact – About 70-80% of users ignore the Ads. Also, approximately 70% of the links search users click on are organic. Organic means – not paid to any company (eg. Google, Yellow pages, etc) to display your results.

Why outsource SEO services?

Every now and then the search engines will update their algorithms so as to provide better and more accurate results to the users for their searches. While that is very useful to the users, as a business you need to be on your toes to keep yourself updated, as a change in goolge’s algorithm and you following the same old SEO techniques results in negative impact for your website. Hence it is better to hire a professional SEO Company Melbourne to get the best SEO services Melbourne.

 SEO Services

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